Who we are

At Fringe, we sell eclectic, modern and vintage clothing as well as a myriad of handmade items from artisans throughout Connecticut. Fringe was started by Kara Fillion, who has always had a passion for thrifting and supporting the local artisan community. Her passion started during her time working for an e-commerce site that sold handmade, local goods in NYC. Beyond the beautiful products being sold, she was always blown away by each artists’ story.

After working for the e-commerce store, Kara decided to open up her first thrift store out of an old ambulance in Jersey City, NJ. She drove around the city, stopping at events, farmer’s markets, flea markets and more selling clothes. Eventually, she sold the truck and moved back to Connecticut where she grew up. Being part of her community again felt like the perfect opportunity to start Fringe, a little thrift store that sits in downtown Clinton on the corner facing the river.